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Research on matters of educational, spiritual, and cultural importance for Christian schools

An emerging priority for ACSI in providing value to member schools is generating actionable answers to the complex questions facing the Christian school movement. Cultural shifts in our society are seen through changing values and behaviors, in areas like morality and the family, but also through challenges to assumptions about truth and how reality is defined. Christian schools have also been impacted by a confluence of educational changes, such as rapid technological innovation and the shifting needs of students.

This larger educational landscape has left Christian educators asking important questions for which there are no simple answers. It is within this context, that ACSI is investing in research initiatives to identify promising and best practices, sponsoring research and pilot programs that yield data on school effectiveness, and disseminating and sharing knowledge to support the Christian school movement.

Below are featured research projects designed to address the complex questions and adaptive challenges Christian schools face today.

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1. Barna Research Report2. Professional Development Literature Synthesis