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Membership Policy

1. Preamble
2. Membership
2.1 Conditions
2.2 Procedure
2.2.1 First Application
3. Membership requirements
3.1 Termination of Membership
3.1.1 Renewal of terminated members
4.Fee Structure
4. 1. Outstanding Fees


1. Preamble:
The Association of Christian Schools International (Zimbabwe’s) vision is to, “Enable Christian educators and schools in Zimbabwe to effectively prepare students for life “. The ACSI Zimbabwe office supports this vision and endeavours to assist member schools to reach this.

ACSI offers the following services to member schools:

  1. 10% discount for in-service courses offered under ACSI auspices
  2. 10% discount for Annual Conference registration

The assistance and support is made possible because of the membership fees paid to the association, without the financial commitment from member schools the office will not be able to function. It is thus a symbiotic relationship between the Association and the member schools.

Membership to the association is open to schools that ascribe to the Association’s Code of Ethics, Statement of Faith and Core Beliefs. The Association does not discriminate on basis of race or gender and is committed to assist schools in the wider spectrum of Christian education in Zimbabwe.

The Association operates within the guidelines of the Constitution of Zimbabwe.

2. Membership:

2.1 Conditions: (To be read in conjunction with: The ACSI Statement of Faith; Values and Mission; Core Beliefs) Any school applying for membership must:

  • Have a definite Biblically-based ethos set out in a Vision and Mission Statement
  • Sign the ACSI Statement of Faith.
  • Sign the ACSI Code of Ethics and thus abide by the ethical practises as set out by ACSI. While ACSI recognises the autonomy of each independent Christian school, schools that join the association must undertake to abide by ACSI ethical practices at all times.
  • Commit to the financial obligation to ACSI
  • Should a member school be in breach of such practice with ACSI, membership of ACSI may be suspended or terminated.
  • Be a registered school in Zimbabwe


2.2 Procedure:

2.2.1 Application

  • Before membership can be granted the school will be visited by an ACSI representative(s) to determine that the above is in place.
  • During this visit the ACSI representative(s) will explain the role and services of ACSI to the authoritative body or their representative(s).
  • On completion of the visit if the delegation is satisfied that the school meets the relevant criteria, the school will be granted a registration certificate and number valid for one year after payment has been effected.


3. Membership requirements:

  • Membership to ACSI is granted for a whole year (twelve months).
  • Membership must be renewed annually.
  • Currently membership fee is $1.00 per pupil per year.
  • Fees must be paid for all enrolled students even those on a bursary paid by the school


3.1 Termination of Membership:

  • Schools falling into arrears will be suspended after 3 months and unless written notice is
    received from the school requiring special dispensation, ACSI will continue to invoice the school until receipt of the letter. The school will be held responsible for the outstanding amount. • If the school does not abide by the ethical practises as set out by ACSI, membership will be terminated.
  • Should a school decide to discontinue its membership with ACSI, a term’s notice must be given and levies must be paid during the notice period. No paid levies will be refunded. Note that membership can only be resumed after 12 months have elapsed.


3.1.1 Renewal of terminated members:

  • Terminated members who reapply to join ACSI Zimbabwe will have to go through the same process as new members.


4. Fee Structure:

  • The ACSI Zimbabwe Executive Committee at the annual Executive Committee meeting determines the annual membership fee structure which will be approved at the AGM.
  • Schools will be informed about the following year’s membership fee during September of the previous year to enable schools to budget accordingly.


4.2 Outstanding Fees:

  • The defaulting school will be readmitted to full ACSI membership once all the payments (arrears and current levies) are up to date


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